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The sustainable approach to PET bottle recycling

Por ProteGEEr, publicado em 20.11.18, última modificação em 27.11.18
The sustainable approach to PET bottle recycling

Credits: Waste Today

Ice River Springs, Shelburne, Ontario, closes the loop on PET bottle recycling, reducing its carbon footprint in the process.

Shelburne, Ontario-based Ice River Springs, which was founded in 1995, claims to be the only beverage company in North America that operates a closed-loop recycling facility and makes 100 percent recycled content bottles for its water.
But the company’s husband-and-wife ownership team has experienced quite a learning curve along the way.

Beginning as a supplier of spring-fed water, Ice River Springs built its own recycling plant, named Blue Mountain Plastics, in 2010 in Shelburne so it could produce recycled content for its caps and bottles.

“We were looking at ways of reducing our carbon footprint,” Executive Vice President Sandy Gott, who owns the company with her husband, Jamie, says. “And using recycled plastic was a great fit for us.”

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